Reflections on Fiji

What is the first thing you think of when you think about Fiji? For vast majority of people reading this blog it is probably relaxing in the sun at a resort or water sports close to that same resort. When I think of Fiji I think of very warm non-air conditioned rooms, 12 hour working days, people eager to learn but also a bit nervous about whether they will be understand what is being taught, beggars on street corners, street people, buses with no windows, overly friendly people, shoe shine boys, being obviously different because of the colour of my skin, colour and noise. Why? Because I am usually in Suva to teach people how to use the new platform of software they have just installed and I have to admit I find the environment very difficult and more often than not am very pleased to get home from a Fiji work trip.

Why do I find these trips so difficult? Probably because it is so warm and because the Fiji living standards confront me with the fact that in comparison to most of the world my home life is luxurious, insulated for the most part from the harsh realities of life and safe.  Unfortunately, these feelings often fade not long after returning home. This time I am hoping it will be different! I am going to reassess my lifestyle and see where I can make changes to release money and resources to enable the people of Fiji and other developing countries around the world to improve their standard of living.

I will get back to you with how I succeed 🙂


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