By titling this blog post worldviews, I am not talking about the fact that I have often been accused of wearing rose coloured spectacles or the fact that a University Tutor has suggested that my views are too sanguine (I had to look up what that meant! (too optimistic)). What I am meaning is what a person or group of people take as given realities. It is a map people have of reality that they use for living. The worldview concept has its roots in Western Philosophy and Anthropology.

So what does this mean to us? It means that we all have a worldview that is our reality. This view is going to affect our interpretation of what we see, how we react to situations, information and how we live our live in general.

What happens when two worldviews collide? Potentially chaos…unless we are willing to acknowledge that other people are “allowed” to hold different views about the world. This collision of worldviews is also an opportunity to listen to those views and use them to challenge our own view of the world. Maybe asking some of the below questions:

  1. What do I think of this worldview?
  2. How does this person’s worldview differ from mine?
  3. Is there anything within this worldview that applies or even just appeals to me?
  4. What led this person to develop this worldview?
  5. Am I to be challenged by this worldview?
  6. Does my worldview challenge the worldview of the other person?
  7. Is there such a thing as correct worldview?

I am not suggesting that we be double minded or fickle rather that we be open minded. No one person, outside of Christ, has all the truth and different perspectives on the world open up undeniable opportunities to widen our worldview.


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