Seven months down…

It is now seven months since I decided to limit my spend on clothes to nothing but the essentials and donate the savings to causes that are working towards eliminating poverty and encouraging development.

The process hasn’t been easy, and I have been tempted to buy new clothes – especially during the Christmas / New Year sale season – but the neat result is:

  • zero new clothes for the cupboard (I have even passed on a few to good will shops, those with lots of wear left but I hadn’t worn in years!) and
  • more money working for good via TearFund NZ the organisation I decided to donate to.

Now I need to keep it up, only seventeen months to go ;-).

Hopefully, by the end of this process I will be a more thoughtful consumer, who acknowledges that how I consume (and the economy I live in) has an impact on those outside of my immediate sphere of influence.


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