The milk dilemma

In my quest to be more sustainable / environmentally friendly in my food buying habits I have come across more than one or two dilemmas. The one that continues to plague me however if the milk dilemma… Glass, plastic or carton?

Well, unfortunately nowhere in town does milk glass bottles. Which is a pity because if they are returned, sertilisedĀ and refilled they are the most environmentally friendly option. Maybe someone should look at the possibility of install milk dispensers across Wellington??? Like village milks have in other parts of the country would there be a demand? And how easy would it be to source the milk?

Without the glass option, that leaves us with plastic and “paper” cartons. Now you say the obvious choice is the paper cartons right? Well actually the “paper” cartons are coated both inside and out with a thin film of plastic to make them water proof and stronger. The other draw back is, in New Zealand, paper cartons are not able recycled.

So that leaves me with the plastic containers! Maybe the answer is to not buy milk at all? Watch out visitors to my place you might sone be getting only the option of black tea at my place! Or to buy powdered milk and us it for baking etc, there is no way I would put powdered milk in my tea! I wonder how the foil type packaging of powdered milk compares to plastic milk bottle? According to this article sounds like the foil packaging isn’t a great option either! There not only goes my milk powder option, potato chips are also being taken off the menu!

Just for interest sake I include a link to a sustainable packaging website where manufacturers can go on line and look at the environmental impact of their packaging.


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