So it is 15 months…

Since I decided to abstain from buying any new clothes in order to release money to organisations working towards eliminating poverty and encouraging development. I have only cracked once and purchased a beautiful brocade dress.

What have I learned so far?

  • I don’t need as many clothes as I thought / think!
  • That you can be very creative with combinations of clothes to make your wardrobe look new and interesting.
  • Accessories help 🙂
  • Window shopping gets boring after a while…
  • You have more time to do other things when you are not shopping!
  • That spending money on quality products pays off in the long run

I am thinking once I finish my two years of abstinence I will purchase locally made products from New Zealand made material or ethically sourced material. You pay more but the clothes last longer, are better quality and there is less chance that slave or forced labour is used to produce the items. Perhaps this will mean I will be shopping at the likes of KILT and VOON.

I hope and pray that the money that I have released to Tearfund NZ has been put to good use through their Enterprise and Empowerment projects.

I decided to support this particular aspect of Tearfund NZs work because it gives the people and communities a hand up instead of a hand out.



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