Domestic Violence

Recently, I found myself in a situation that I hope and pray I never have to deal with again. I received a phone call in the middle of the night from a friend asking me to come rescue her from a violent home situation. Needless to say I jumped in my car and collected her. Not necessarily one of my brightest moment, I should have really called the police as they are better equipped to handle this type of situation! Fortunately the “extraction” went smoothly and I spent the next three hours in A&E (it was a quiet night..) with my friend while she was checked out. Fortunately she was physically OK but I was at a loss how to deal with the situation after that. The only thing I knew was that she was not going back home so I bundled her in the car and let her stay in my spare bedroom for the night.

The next day I did some research into what was the appropriate response and resources that she could tap into for help.

I found this very useful site that I would like to share with you.

Its Not OK –

The New Zealand Women’s Refuge was also extremely helpful –

It is OK to ask for help, just be gracious with your friends if they are at a loss as to how to help! Together you will be able to get through and there is always Dr Google to the assistance as well to put you in the direction of useful assistance :).

It might be worth leaving the emotional fall out from this type of situation to the experts though never fail to lead support when it is needed!



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