The cracker dilemma

On a mission to reduce the use of plastic in my household I have had to deal with my love of crackers and cheese! Both items come wrapped in plastic with the crackers out weighing the cheese in the amount of plastic per gram. I don’t understand why crackers that come in a box are loaded into a plastic tray and then covered in plastic before being put in the box. Is this food hygiene gone to far???

While I am yet to find a local vendor who allows you to buy unwrapped cheese and take it home in a cheese cloth bag I have converted to using cheese cloth bags to store cheese in the fridge. Another plus to a cloth cheese bag, is that the cheese seems to last longer!

The crackers have proven more of a challenge! I had read a recipe about making home made crackers by cutting up tortillas and brown them in the oven. Fantastic idea but bought tortillas almost have as much plastic around and between them as crackers. I could make the tortillas myself but like most of modern day society I am time poor and quite frankly not fantastic in the baking department, although I am slowly improving my skills here ;). This means that using all the yummy recipes out their for home made crackers are also out. So what could I use that is store bought and plastic wrap free as a cracker substitute?

Oven bakeed thinly sliced baguette! Just make sure the baguette is bought in the local bakery and is “served up” in a paper bag :). Then you can take it home, turn on the oven, thinly slice the baguette sprinkle with a little olive oil and bake / toast it in the oven for approximately 12 minutes. And if you are fortunate enough to have a fan bake oven you can cook your main evening meal at the same time thus making the most of having the oven on.

The cracker dilemma is solved! Could also work well as an accompaniment to dips although I also find vegetable sticks especially celery and carrot good for that :).


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