Community Gardens

Don’t you just love the idea of a community garden? Where community or council owned land can be used to grow food for the community. Community gardens are a growing trend in NZ. If you have any thoughts on starting one the following article has some good tips 🙂

How to start a community garden – NZ Women’s Weekly

While I was researching ideas for service in the community I stumbled across the local community garden. While they are not big enough to supply vegetables to all the community they do give away the produce they grow and pass on their gardening skills to any interested to help them grow their own gardens. What a truly noble venture.

I was inspired to help in a little way with the local community garden. I have to say my skills don’t lie in the gardening side of things. But I am pretty good with a paint brush! So the garden will soon be sporting some new signs for their compost bins and raised beds 🙂


Perhaps there is a community garden near you where you can help out, or even start to grow your own fruit and vege!


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