Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation

Looking forward to starting my new College paper. Loving the title and course description already. Title: Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation Course Description: This course identifies the theological and global realities of suffering, injustice and need, It affirms the holistic nature of God’s mission to the world and the call to express mercy and justice,… Read More Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation


Have you ever pondered what your identity is and how it developed? If you have, does your identity stem from comments people made to you growing up, your sexual preferences, your job / workplace, your martial status, your wealth? As I pondered this question I realised what I want my identity to be and what… Read More Identity


Are there parallels between the Jewish betrothal and wedding traditions at the time of Jesus and communion? When a Jewish man became betrothed at the time of Jesus he purchased his bride with a dowry known to the bride and when the bride accepts the dowry she was set apart exclusively for her bridegroom. Then… Read More Communion